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Learn about our Work Ordered Day

What does "Work Ordered Day" mean?

The daily activity of a Clubhouse is organized around a structured system known as the Work Ordered Day (WOD). The WOD is an eight hour period, typically Monday through Friday, which parallels the typical business hours of the working community where the Clubhouse is located. Members and staff work side by side, as colleagues to perform the work that is important to their community. All of the work in the Clubhouse is for the Clubhouse and not for any outside agency or business. There are no clinical therapies or treatment-oriented programs in the Clubhouse. Members volunteer to participate as they feel ready and according to their individual interests.

Administration Team
  • Customer Service

  • Basic Accounting

  • Budgeting

  • Reception

  • Data Entry

  • Photocopying

  • Filing

  • Shredding

  • Bulk Mailing

  • Faxing

Orientation Team
  • Outreach

  • Clubhouse Tours

  • Orienting New Members

  • Structure the Orientation Day

Maintenance Team
  • Building Upkeep

  • Custodial Skill Development

  • Recycling

  • All Cleaning & Maintenance 

Business Unit
Multimedia Team
  • Hillsgrove Happenings

  • News@Noon

  • Social Media

  • Flyers

  • Website Maintenance

  • Interviewing

  • Event Promotion

  • Tech Support

  • Journalism

  • Typing Tutorials

  • Microsoft Office Tutorials 

Education Team
  • College Tours

  • FAFSA Support

  • GED Support

  • Literacy Support

  • Networking & Advocating

  • Assistance with Guidance Counselors

Employment Team
  • Job Development

  • Job Placement

  • Referral for Services

  • Resume Writing

  • Interviewing Skills

  • Long-term Job Support

Kitchen Unit
  • Entrée Preparation

  • Food Safety Skills

  • Child Adult Care Food Program (CACFP)

  • Waiting Tables

  • Menu Planning

  • Food Ordering

  • Cleaning the Kitchen & Dining Room

Culinary Skills
Greenhouse Cafe
  • Baking

  • Measuring Ingredients

  • Money Management

  • Stocking Merchandise

  • Inventory

Wellness & Garden Team
  • Garden Planning

  • Seeding

  • Watering

  • Composting

  • Harvesting

  • Cold Frame Maintenance

  • Weeding

  • Elliptical

  • Treadmill

  • Yoga Ball

  • Workout Bike

  • Floor Mats

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