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Health & Wellness

Here at Hillsgrove Clubhouse members and staff work alongside to help you live and lead a healthy life.  Together we organize time to attend walks, engage in social activities, or create fun ways to stay active. When the weather permits, members and staff will carve out time during lunch hours to take a walk around the neighborhood. If you enjoy exercising,  we also have a room with equipment that is available throughout the work-ordered day.

For lunch, we like to incorporate healthy options for members. Come join the fun and see the other amazing things our clubhouse has to offer!

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Hillsgrove Clubhouse partners with New England Institute of Technology and The Occupational Therapy Assistant internship program. Interns rotate through their semesters and during their time they contribute throughout the functions of the Clubhouse. Together, we develop strategies and activities in weekly wellness groups and educate the benefits of a healthier lifestyle. 

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