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Employment & Education FAQ

What is a Clubhouse?

A Clubhouse is a free, community-based membership organization aimed at helping people living with mental illness around the world regain a respected place in society through work, education, wellness and community.

How can the Clubhouse help me find work?

As a right of membership, clubhouses provide members with opportunities to return to paid employment in integrated work settings through Transitional Employment, Supported Employment, and Independent Employment programs.

Transitional Employment (TE): Is time-limited, part-time competitive employment. It is designed to help members strengthen work skills, regain confidence, and develop work references. TE allows members to explore a variety of employment opportunities. The Clubhouse chooses the member and manages the position for the employer. The member is hired as an employee of the company and works at the employer's place of business. TE is not segregated or sheltered. The Clubhouse provides training and back-up coverage in the event of member absence. Job development generally focuses on the needs and interests of the Clubhouse collective.

What are the different types of employment?

Supported Employment (SE): Is permanent competitive employment. The employer hires the member directly and there is generally a formal understanding between the Clubhouse, the member, and the employer. The Clubhouse is likely to have assisted the member in obtaining the job and the support offered by the Clubhouse may have been a determining factor in the hiring decision of the employer. In addition, the Clubhouse provides a variety of flexible supports both on-site and off-site, including training support, job carving, career development, and discussing reasonable accommodations. Job development is member centered and career oriented. The Clubhouse is not responsible for recruiting for and filling the position, or providing coverage for an absent member. The member is paid the prevailing wage rate and receives continued support from the Clubhouse to achieve a livable wage. 

Independent Employment (IE): Is permanent competitive employment. The employer hires the member directly. With IE, the Clubhouse has no formal relationship with the employer regarding the individual position. As a result, the Clubhouse does not provide on-site supports or back-up coverage, however, extensive and flexible off-site supports are available to the member. Disclosure is the member's choice. Job development is member centered and career oriented.

What if I haven't worked in a long time?

The Clubhouse does a great job of meeting people where they are and provides what they need to move forward. There are trained staff members that can help members develop or update their resumes and cover letters. The Clubhouse can assist in familiarizing members with the bus route in order to get to work. If members are in need of work appropriate clothing, the Clubhouse can help obtain them.

How do I know which job is right for me?

In addition to career counseling, the Clubhouse utilizes a program known as Career Scope, which is an assessment tool that measures members' interests and skill level to figure out the best career path for each individual.

Can the Clubhouse help me return to school?

Many Clubhouse members have had to interrupt their educational plans because of their mental illness. Some have not finished secondary school, while others had to curtail their university studies. The Clubhouse offers educational opportunities for members to complete or start certificate and degree programs at academic institutions and adult education providers. The Clubhouse utilizes the talents and skills of members and staff to provide educational opportunities, particularly in areas related to literacy.

Can the Clubhouse help me get my GED?

The Clubhouse can help members get on the right path to obtaining a GED.

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